• Step - TLS TLM series


    TLS / TLM series

    Manual and Electric

  • TLS Step

    TLS Step

  • TLS Step

    TLS Step

  • TLS Step

  • TLS Step

    TLS Step

  • TLS Step

    TLS Step

  • TLM Step

  • TLS Step

    TLS Step

  • black and blue Step

A product that will stand the test of time

  • Well-tested for more than 15 years
  • Maintenance-free operation in all conditions : snow, mud, sand …
  • No mud accumulation thanks to its telescopic arm technology
  • Operation temperature of -30°C (-22°F) to + 60°C (140°F)
  • Corrosion resistant design : step and mechanism made of 100% stainless steel, galvanised steel frame
  • Ultra resistant non-slip surface coating

TLS electric

TLM manual

Gas strut deployment / Pedal for release and return of the step
Vehicles fitting kits

Vehicles fitting kits

Kits especially designed for each vehicle

• Delivered with all specific support screws and bolts

Non-slip polyurethane coating

  • The safest non-slip coating, even in the rain.
  • The TBS coating was developed in particular for boat decks.
  • Comfortable to use thanks to its 2.1mm structure
  • More than 10 years life span and high resistance to UV lights and temperature
  • Several colours available

Unparalleled compactness

  • Step thickness : 50 mm, Overall thickness with support: 60mm
  • Very shallow total depth. The TLS and TLM can be fitted on most vehicles.
marchepied TLS

WAV version

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle


  • Electric harness with dashboard buzzer
  • Colour band for additional visibility

Electronic control unit

with diagnostic function

The new electronic module (2021) incorporates important technological innovations :

• Simplified wiring on the vehicle
• Full protection against short circuits and overloads
• Highly resistant unit control, fully resonated
• Slowing down at the end of the step in and out
• Buzzer with separate power supply
• Standby mode: consumption less than 1mA
• Anti pinch safety: the step stops in case of obstacle
• Diagnostic function: variable flashing of the dashboard light in the event of a fault
• Inputs / outputs available on the unit control for special functions

Wiring kit

Included with the step


  • Electronic module control with anti-pinch automatic stop function : the step stops automatically if obstructed.
  • Door switch
  • Dashboard LED
  • Buzzer (If WAV option)

Location detector in the step

  • Dashboard LED
  • Buzzer (if WAV option)


  • Lockout switch
  • Buzzer
  • Step lighting
  • Extension cable

Magnetic door sensor

The new magnetic door sensor automatically triggers the step when the vehicle door is opened or closed.
It fits easily into the door pillar or door trim and offers a detection distance of up to 20 mm

Technical specifications

  • Endurance test
    300 000 Cycles
  • Load capacity
    250 Kg
  • Test load
    375 Kg
  • Extending/retraction speed
    0,19 m/s
  • Stress test (TLS)
    150 N
  • Motor (TLS)
    12V Motors, fully waterproof IP 5X
  • Conformity
    • Directive 2006/42/CE – Machinery directive
    • Directive 2001/85/CE -Vehicle accessibility
    • Directive 2006/28/CE – (TLS) Electromagnetic compatibility


  Step sizes Overall sizes Weight
TLS / TLM 601 600 x 280 x 60mm 650 x 380 x 60mm 20 Kg
TLS / TLM 901
900 x 280 x 60mm 950 x 380 x 60mm 25 kg
TLS 1101
1100 x 280 x 60mm 1150 x 380 x 60mm 29 Kg