STEPCONCEPT Official Distributor of PROOPLE products

TBS is a Proople product that has been tried
and tested by Stepconcept for over 15 years
on its access ramps and steps.

  • Take advantage of our wide range of available stock for your non-slip flooring needs.
  • Sold by the square metre or cut according to your requirements
  • Wide range of colours

TBS 21 : Non-slip for prevention and safety

  • Type
    Polyurethane coating
  • Installation
    Self-adhesive coating, adheres to any surface
  • Thickness
    2.1 mm. Weight: 2.5 kg/m². Non-abrasive 800μ flexible powder coating
  • Non-slip performance
    in accordance with Standard NFP 98831-4. Dry surface: 1.12, wet surface: 0.67.
  • Resistance
    very good resistance to UV rays, chemical agents, hydrocarbons, salt water.
  • Excellent impact and abrasion resistance
  • Flexibility – Deformation
    elongation at break = 40%.
  • Ease of maintenance
    wash with water and regular detergent
  • Tests and Standards
    M3 classification, classified for building use in accordance with Standard NF EN 14041 (LNE) Cfl S1

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